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Clinical Epidemiology

Season 2

  • Non-Inferiority Trial Design

    ***Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights do make a left. The desiderata of trial conduct may work against you...

  • Generalisability of trial results

    *Who do trial results apply to? Why or why not? You decide.

  • Ribbons and Dresses

    *!A political statement dressed as medical education. Who sets the agenda?

Season 1

  • P Value and the Null Hypothesis*

    Do you know? Most people don't. The simplest view of nature. Thanks to Olli Miettinen.

  • Statistical Verdicts


    A must-read for jurisprudents. Acknowledging your prior beliefs. Thanks to Olli Miettinen & George Diamond.

  • Major Adverse Cardiac Events 

    *!!What's so major about outcomes in cardiovascular trials? Can we be sure of these?

  • Absolute & relative risk

    *There is a difference, but how big is the effect? The importance of background risk. The Number Needed to Treat is the inverse of the absolute risk reduction

  • Looking at survival curves

    **Watch out for cut-off y axes and other makeup techniques. Read survival curves at the median to get an 'average' outcome

  • Absolute & relative time

    **Watch this in tandem with 'Absolute & relative risk' and 'Looking at survival curves'. Pink Floyd add the dimension of time to bring it all together

  • Key:
  • Basic
  • Detailed
  • Advanced
  • Controversial