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Clinical Cardiology

Season 2

  • Statins in the elderly

    !* ​From season 2: Reverse gradients are found in the oldest old...high cholesterol may not always increase risk! What does this mean for statin use?

  • Triglyceride disorders

    *From season 2. Big beach balls bouncing on the water probably won't hurt you. Look for TG and TC in 1:1 molar ratio.

  • HDL

    **From season 2. The reverse cholesterol transport story, but more than just cholesterol.

  • Right Ventricle


    From season 2. The RV is important; it isn't designed for high pressure. It can be a tight squeeze within the pericardium.

  • Long QT interval

    **From season 2. Ion channels move sodium, potassium and calcium in and out. Not all cells have the same action potential duration.

  • Mitral Incompetence


    If there's a large regurgitant volume, the LV enlarges. Lower the fluid level if the pot is splashing.

  • Acute Coronary Syndromes

    *How the coronary artery occludes, plaque rupture and intraplaque haemorrhage. Forget about troponin!

  • Vasodepressor Syncope


    Blood pools in the capacitance vessels. Let your friends know when you are about to shower upstairs!

Season 1

  • Troponins

    *The test that redirects most pathways. Does your kid brother rev his car engine?

  • Non-STEMI



    What is Non-STEMI? Important alternatives to consider. Stay alive with coronary collaterals.

  • Warfarin in Asymptomatic AF

    **Stroke risk may not be high enough to justify Warfarin. The number needed to harm. !

  • Biventricular Pacing*

    Left bundle branch block for soccer fans.

  • Severe Aortic Stenosis

    *** How to tell when aortic valve stenosis is severe.

  • Aortic incompetence

    * By the time there are symptoms, the LV may not recover. Like grandpa's pyjama pants.

  • 95% stenosis in stable angina

    * !Not all blocked vessels lead to infarction. The importance of collaterals.

  • Alternative dietary guidelines

    ** ! A statement (or rant) about food.

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