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Who is Prof Montage?

Prof Montage is a cardiologist practising in Australia. He has been teaching cardiology at the bedside for over 20 years. These videos represent some of the most frequent discussions on the ward rounds.

Who pays for this site?

The site is fully funded by Prof Montage as a way of thanking his students and teachers over the years. It is offered to users gratis. The site does not accept advertising, sponsorship or endorsements.

Do you have any disclosures?

Over the years Prof Montage has accepted a large amount of money from the pharmaceutical industry in the form of travel grants, honoraria and research funding. (He would rather this were not widely advertised. Sshh...)

Why is none of the material referenced?

The views expressed in these videos represent Prof Montage’s synthesis of many data sources. The site is a blog, offering opinion and some analysis. Where relevant, references may be provided in the discussion forum.

Why are videos no longer than 3 mins duration?

These are short tutorials for use on the cardiology wards. Play them on your hand-held device and get back to work!

Can I use Prof Montage’s answers in my exams?

Yes, but with care! Use the material to show your understanding of a subject. Some of Prof Montage’s views are contradictory to guidelines of expert panels or textbooks. These may not be the ‘right’ answer in your case.

How often will the videos be updated?

This depends on you, the user. Where discussion points to the need for a re-write, or vital new information comes to hand, you can expect an improved version to be posted (hopefully before you finish medical school or your specialty training!). If you would like a particular subject covered, let me know!

What are you doing about the voices?

Even though my mother hasn't yet looked at this site, we're trying real voices in season 2!

Whose work is this?

Scripts by Prof Montage, animation using Xtranormal by Josh Wolski or Concept Creative Communications. Some material has been downloaded from the internet and the source acknowledged in the end credits. Where others have provided a key insight for the piece, this has also been recognized.

Inspiration & Acknowledgements

The following people have made a significant contribution to this work, either by inspiration or support. This should not be taken to mean they have endorsed the site in any way.

  • Elizabeth Holt & all my family
  • Xtranormal
  • Andrew Dawson
  • John Wlodarczyk
  • David Henry & Tony Smith
  • Olli Miettinen
  • Maurice McGregor
  • Alan Sniderman
  • Harvey White & Valentin Fuster
  • Harry Seftel
  • David Wilcken & John Duggan
  • Bruce Bastian & Peter Fletcher
  • John Attia
  • Les Olson & Peter Gibson
  • Dr Rudi and the Life Support crew
  • Michael Hensley & Nick Saunders
  • Kichu Nair & William Osler
  • Richard Peto
  • Nassim Taleb & Steven Wolfram
  • Frank Lipman
  • Theodor Geisel
  • Goscinny & Uderzo
  • Bill Watterson & Alison Bechdel
  • Harry Palmer
  • William M Gaines & the Usual Gang of Idiots
  • Cheech 'n Chong
  • Mel Brooks
  • Bob Dylan
  • Frank Zappa


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